zulily’s Columbus Day Sale

As designers, we are problem solvers. Certain placements may have very strict requirements on the assets one can use. zulily’s Columbus Day Sale is an example of problem solving for tricky placements.

The merchandising team wanted a heavy autumn feel for the sale. I knew the placement was going to have to be broken up into sections, as that is the capability of the site and apps at the time of this writing. I wanted something to draw your eye across the screen, as sometimes the customer will jump right in instead of seeing what all is available. I concepted leaves flowing through the images to draw the eye all the way across (on tablet) and all the way down (on mobile) to the last sale offering.

The photoshoot with our studio team was quite fun and playful, which resulted in a wonderful energy throughout all of the images. After the shoot, I edited all of the images, designed the headers and all assets, and uploaded through internal tools. Urgency messaging and cross-team collaboration helped make this sale a success.