Little Tikes

Little Tikes wanted something that we hadn’t done before on zulily. They wanted an ad that spanned the entire width of the site, interrupting the flow of the product page. They wanted to click-through to their top selling products for a Christmas sale that would be featured on the site. I knew that in order to keep up with zulily brand standards, I would have to create something that didn’t necessarily feel like an ad - something a little more refined, but still caught your eye.

I concepted a magical winter wonderland with a child having fun interacting with one of the products. I handed off the concept doc and wireframe, which included a shot list, color palette, preferred talent, and set propping guidelines. Our studio team made the set come alive with bright trees and more fluffy snow than I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Post-shoot, I began editing the images and piecing everything together. After an internal review, the final PDF, which included pieces not shown here, was sent to Little Tikes for approval. Once they approved, I began uploading the assets via zulily’s internal CMS tools, but these custom site-wide pieces were handed off to a developer.


It performed so well and they loved it so much that they asked for another one the next time they ran a sale with us. Again, I concepted, art directed, edited, and designed all of the assets. It performed just as well.